2023 Sep-Oct RETA Breeze

CHOOSING A HIGH-QUALITY PHA FACILITATOR Ryan Bray How can you select a high quality PHA facilitator? What should you look for? What are the pit falls? Come and find out. See the conference schedule for the times and locations.


Don Tragethon & Russ Ramos When Don and Russ get in front of an audience great things happen. This year’s presentation will be no exception. This presentation describes the basis of conducting an “Operator’s Challenge” session with the goal to provide an opportunity for an operator to engage in conversation with verbal knowledge of refrigeration systems. The presenter will demonstrate how to draw out information such as operational limits, sequence steps, typical operating conditions, running of pipes, the functions of valves, safety systems, control methodology, and so on.


Bill Lape & Tony Lundell This item is one of the least understood of the various code requirements. What are the requirements for a Machinery Room? The confusion normally centers around the design and construction of the Machinery room. Many designers do not understand there are multiple codes that apply to a machinery room design. This paper and presentation will focus on current code and standards and good practices for Refrigerant Detection and Ventilation. Focusing just on construction/ detection/Ventilation, it will educate our members on what to be aware of and convey the requirements that will assist our members in auditing their Machinery Room installation. Specific Codes and standards that will be discussed and reviewed are as follows: • International Building Code • International Mechanical Code • International Fire Code • IIAR2 • ASHRAE 15

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