2023 Sep-Oct RETA Breeze



Hello RETA members. I’m very excited to get started and to help grow all aspects of RETA through an increased market ing effort. Marketing is a vital part of any organization and I look forward to applying my 28 years of experience in this field to help lift the RETA brand throughout the world. Over the past 30 days I have been getting up to speed on all the values and benefits of being a RETA member. Most recently I spent several days learning about what it takes for RETA to provide certification. The value it brings to its certification holder and the organization they work for is priceless. Our certification truly is the gold standard, and it is reflected in anyone who holds a CARO, CIRO, CRES, or CRST credentials. Ask anyone you may know who holds these how truly worthwhile they are. Although RETA credentials are not easy to obtain, if you prepare with RETA materials you will find it is worth the time spent to acquire these prestigious credentials both professionally and financially. Also, part of my orientation I had the opportunity to go to the Blue Ridge Chapter Expo. These events are a great way to obtain free education and learn about the new technologies from the exhibiting companies there. Supporting the companies that support RETA is very important to our ecosystem. Our vendors supply innovative equipment that can help your refrigeration process. Just a simple conversa tion with them will save you time and money in the long run. If you recently missed your local chapter event, then please come to our annual National Conference in Jacksonville Nov 14-17th. You are guaranteed to learn something new. Although my title says “marketing” we are all marketers. Yes, you can have a direct impact in promoting RETA. Have you attended a conference, training, or a chapter event, and then talked about all the great things RETA does for our industry with someone else? Then if so, you are helping RETA. Please continue to talk and share your RETA experiences with your peers and colleagues and you will help our beloved organiza tion grow to new heights. I’m simply a megaphone for these efforts and will look to increase our online and in person presence throughout the refrigeration industry. It truly is a privilege being apart of the RETA family and I look forward to having an impact. Thank you to every RETA member I have met so far, and I look forward to seeing


Tom Simenc Cost justification is a major roadblock in the capital approval process. Tom’s whitepaper gives great insight into the subject and will provide some much needed tools for your energy plan toolbox. “It’s great when energy savings can help pay for a project, but with the complexity of refrigeration systems, it can be difficult to know how much cost savings to expect. Understanding the basic principles of energy costs and how to estimate energy savings can help with budget prioritization and decision-making. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate methods for estimating the baseline energy use of a refrigeration system, the perfor mance of each component, and the energy savings for common improvements. Before estimating how much energy can be saved, it’s often necessary to quantify current annual energy use. This paper will show how compressor rating software, equipment technical data, and common engineering assumptions or measurement techniques and tools can help quickly establish the baseline energy and efficiency of a system. Energy and cost savings can be achieved by reducing load, upgrading equipment, or improving performance through controls or operation. This paper will discuss how to identify the mechanism of energy savings for different common projects, what part of the baseline energy use is affected, and how to estimate the savings. For both capital improvements and operational changes many of the calculation methodologies are similar and can be done with basic math and no special software. This paper will provide the reader with the information needed to investigate the basic economics of a refrigera tion system energy project and a diverse set of example calculations to use as a reference.” If you’re involved in the project justification process or just have an interest in energy usage at your facility. This is the presentation for you!

everyone at this year’s conference. RETA, making a cold world safe! Erik Klingerman Marketing & Sales Coordinator

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