2023 Sep-Oct RETA Breeze

A+Series ® Hygienic Evaporator Design The A+Series ® Hygienic Evaporator Design offers a range of features to increase hygiene and control costs in food processing or cold storage facilities.

Full coverage drain pan Seal welded Sloped surfaces Washdown duty motors Stainless steel tubes Stainless steel fan guards

No paint, all stainless steel

Epoxy coated aluminum fins Hygienic Weld finish levels Anodized aluminum fan hubs

Individual accessible fan bays Factory mounted - customer specified disconnect

Other A+Series® Hygienic Evaporator Options


UL 207

Polypropylene drain pan EC fan motors

Inline tube pattern Water defrost

Contact us today to learn more, receive a quote, or sign up for A+Pro selection software. Visit www.colmaccoil.com to get in touch with your local Colmac Coil sales office or our factory.

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