2023 Nov-Dec RETA Breeze

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST RAI. Donald Trimble passed his RAI exam at our National Conference in Jacksonville, FL.

Don becomes RETA’s 28th RAI (RETA AUTHORIZED INSTRUCTOR) RETA Authorized Instructor (RAI) is designed to assess the mastery of advanced refrigeration system concepts and operations at a level that qualifies a candidate to assist prospective CARO, CIRO, CRES, and CRST candidates with their prepara tions and activities required to earn RETA credentials. RAI candidates must demonstrate both teaching experience and knowledge of the content in all RETA publications that are designed to prepare operators

and others to meet RETA certification requirements. All RAI candidates must submit the required documentation as stated in the RAI policy and handbook to apply to become an RAI. All applica tions and documents must be approved by our Certification Committee before a candidate is able to take the exam. For more information on how to apply for this prestigious certification please contact certification@reta. com today

Refrigeration Mechanical Engineer

Mullally Brothers, Inc., located in Troy, NY, has been providing industrial refrigeration design, construction and service to customers throughout the Northeast since 1945. We are a locally owned company, currently seeking an Industrial Refrigeration Mechanical Engineer to work with our existing and new cold storage, food and beverage

manufacturing and other industrial ammonia and Freon customers. This is an excellent opportunity for a rewarding career with opportunity for growth. Visit www.mullallybros.com to learn more about our company.

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