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The RETA Breeze is the official publication of the Refrigerating

Engineers & Technicians Association (RETA). RETA is an international not for-profit association whose mission is to enhance the professional development of industrial refrigeration operating and technical engineers. Don Chason Executive Editor 704-455-3551 Jim Barron Executive Director

jim@reta.com Sara Louber Senior Director of Operations sara@reta.com Stephanie Date Events Manager stephanie@reta.com Harry Wilkins Education Coordinator harry@reta.com Samantha Ibarra Certification Coordinator samantha@reta.com Dan Denton Chapter Relations Liaison ddenton@reta.com

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National Conference Wrap Up


Message From The President........... 4 Message From the Executive Director............................ 6 Conference Corner: National Conference Wrap Up ............... 8 Codes & Standards Part One of Many ................................ 10 Thank You to All of the 2023 National Conference Exhibitors.... 13 2023 Awards.................................... 14 2023 Corporate Anniversary Awards..........................16 Longevity Award...............................18

Education Corner........................... 19 The Shade Tree Mechanic Volume LIV ........................................ 20 2023 National Conference Sponsors.............................................21 So You Need a Quote… The 5 Year Independent Mechanical Integrity Audit Edition ......................... 22 Congratulations to Our Newest RAI.............................. 24 2023/2024 RETA Officers & Board of Directors Announced................ 26 RETA Testing Corner No. 39.......... 28 Certification Honor Roll................ 30

The information in this publication is based on the collective experience of industry engineers and technicians. Although the information is intended to be comprehensive and thorough, it is subject to change. The Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association expressly disclaims any warranty of fitness for a particular application, as well as all claims for compensatory, consequential or other damages arising out of or related to the uses of this publication. Publication of advertisements in Breeze , or any other RETA publication, does not constitute endorsement of any products, services or advertisers by RETA and shall not be considered or represented by advertiser as such. Copyright © 2024 Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association.

REFRIGERATING ENGINEERS & TECHNICIANS ASSOCIATION 1725 Ferry St. SW, Albany, OR 97322 Telephone: 541.497.2955 | Fax: 541.497.2966 RETA.com

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2023-24 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIRMAN Bengie Branham, CIRO, RAI SCS Engineers PRESIDENT Michael Hawkins, CARO Midatlantic Refrigeration, LLC EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT David Gulcynski, CIRO Dot Foods Inc. TREASURER Bill Lape, CARO, CIRO, CRST SCS Engineers SECOND VICE PRESIDENT Raymond Urban, CARO Lineage Logistics DIRECTORS Melissa Cassell General Refrigeration Company Dale Clinton Stellar Victor Dearman, Jr., CIRO, CRST Peco Foods, Inc Arlie Farley, CARO, CIRO, CRST Farley’s SRP Inc Ron Fetterley, CARO, CIRO, CRST Super Store Industries Brandon Jones, CARO Tyson Foods, Inc Barbara Kirkpatrick Mi-Docs Jim Kovarik Gamma Graphics Services Mike Missall Summit Refrigeration Group Jeremy Murfin AC & R Specialists Andrew Palomar, CARO Stellar Gordon Rascoe, Jr, CIRO, CRST, RAI ConAgra Brands COMMITTEE CHAIRS Certification: Lee Pyle, CARO SCS Tracer Environmental Education: Eric Girven, CIRO, CRST, RAI SCS Tracer Environmental Marketing: Jodie Rukamp SCS Tracer Environmental Membership: Jason Daniell, CIRO APSM National Conference: Jim Kovarik Gamma Graphics Services Publications: Vern Sanderson,


Greetings RETA family! As I sit here writing my first President’s message, I’m still in shock and awe of how I arrived here. It is such a humbling honor to be nominated to the National Board of this terrific organization but becoming President has made me speechless. Thank you to all that have mentored me over the years and saw something in this industry “rookie” many years ago, because without your support and sharing your knowledge I certainly would not be here. I’d also like to thank now Chairman Bengie Branham for a great year, we accomplished a lot but have quite a bit to finish. We have a terrific Board of Directors in place and I’m excited to pick up where Chairman Branham left off. What a wonderful time of year, coming off a terrific and historic National Con- ference and Christmas almost being upon us at the time of this writing. We had our first snowfall here last weekend and really helped to put me in the Christ- mas spirit. I hope you all were able to slow down a bit over the holidays and enjoy that cherished time with your families. The 114th National Conference in Jackson- ville is now behind us but will be re- membered as a historic Conference. We had over 1,100 people in attendance, a full show floor, terrific technical and hands-on sessions; some of which were overflowing into the hallways. Thank you to our wonderful vendors and sponsors, without your continued su- pport it would not be the best show in the industry. Back in 2018, the Board of Directors decided to purchase a building for RETA instead of leasing one. Due to the spectacular management of our HQ

Mike Hawkins CARO, RETA National President

staff, we were able to pay off that mortgage in 2023 and “burn that

mortgage!”, what a great feeling. After a couple of years of research and due diligence our Board of Directors decided to present to our membership the idea of merging RETA and RSES to become one and be “Better Together.”The motion was approved at our Tuesday business session, and we brought our RSES family back home with us like we were prior to 1933. As the Board and HQ move forward with the monumental task of merging the organizations together our market ing team will have the opportunity to market two great organizations to our membership and the industry. As we move forward continually putting pieces together slowly but surely, we’ll have more training opportunities available, continuing to be the Gold Standard. I’m looking forward to the coming year and am excited about where we are headed as an organization, your org- anization. We strive as a Board to do the right things for the right reasons, always weighing how our decisions will impact on our members. I encourage you to be involved in your local Chapter or volun- teer to serve on one of the very active committees at the National level, we can’t do this alone.

Thank you, Mike Hawkins CARO RETA National President

CIRO, CRST, RAI Schwan’s Company Executive Director: Jim Barron 4 RETA.com

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Hello RETA Family, I am writing this column after an extremely successful RETA National Conference. Our goal was to connect, educate, and entertain attendees from across all levels in the refrigeration industry. This commitment was born from the thoughts and recommenda tions of the Conference Manager, RETA staff, and the Conference Committee. We wanted to create a Conference that would be more than an event – it would be a reconnection of family, a meeting of minds, and an experience intended to carry beyond 2023. Though the weather was less than ideal, we were still able to enjoy all of the sessions, events, and a full exhibit hall. We were inspired by the energy, enthusiasm, and collaboration we saw at the Conference. We came together and grew as an Association. The collec- tive drive we witnessed holds us stead- fast in our mission to enhance the pro- fessional development of industrial refrigeration operating and technical engineers. Over 1,100 participants took advantage of the jam-packed events over four days. The week kicked off at the Auto bahn Indoor Raceway where we had the thrill of racing an open-air kart, throwing an axe, and playing video games. Renowned keynote speaker Jim Knight taught everyone how to attain their own “rock star” status in the opening session. The Jacksonville Icemen hockey game on Wednesday was a first for some attendees and

everyone had an amazing time, espe cially those who were able to ride on the Zamboni! Everyone who attended this year also took part in an amazing and historic event. The vote to approve the merger of RETA and RSES. We are truly two sides of the same coin, and we will only strengthen each other and the industry through this merge. RETA’s values, mission, rates, and commitment to supporting and educating the industry will remain consistent. Please stay tuned for further information on this merger in the upcoming months. Though we had some great events, our sessions, technical presentation, work- shops, and hot points were also top- notch. We’re eager to build off the foundation that was laid at this year’s Conference and keep the momentum going. That’s why we’ve already begun planning the 2024 National Conference which will be held October 22-24 in Grapevine, Texas. If you attended RETA 2023 and didn’t receive a link to the post-conference survey please contact RETA HQ. Please take the time to fill out the survey so we can continue to offer a relevant and worthwhile conference. It helps us im- prove every year. Please include any and all suggestions you have. If there is a workshop you would like to see, or if you have an idea for a hands-on train- ing that would help your operators and technicians, please let us know in the survey.

I want to take this time to thank our members, sponsors, exhibitors, certificants, committee members, Chapter Leaders, RETA Staff, and Board of Directors. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be the great Association we

are today. God Bless, Jim Barron

Jim Barron RETA Executive Director

6 RETA.com

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214-515-5000 www.polyguard.com/mechanical

Buckaroos is now a Polyguard Company

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W OW! WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME spent together in Jacksonville, Florida for the RETA 2023 National Conference. Over 1100 RETA Family were in attendance! We had a jam-packed schedule of fun social events alongside a wide array of technical topics, workshops, and hands-on sessions. Huge participation from 64 different sponsors and an expansive exhibit hall with over 120 different compa nies represented. The support of the Board of Directors, RETA Staff, Volunteers, Sponsors, Exhibitors,

Speakers, and Attendees was the key component to the success of the Confer ence. THANK YOU! Visit our website and check out the photos from the RETA 2023 National Conference. Go to www.reta.com. Hover over Commu nity, then select Gallery. A post-Conference survey was sent out to all attendees. Please assist our commitment to improve Conference by providing feedback. We review each response and will address all comments if we haven’t already.

We have already started to plan and prepare for our next Conference and here are a few things we continuously work on: • Quality time and engaged traffic in the Exhibit Hall • Scheduling of Sessions and Events • Technical Topics, Hands-on Sessions, and Workshops • Entertainment and Social Events • Guest Program

8 RETA.com

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS On behalf of RETA, the RETA 2024 Technical Conference Committee is sponsoring a Call for Abstracts relating to Industrial and Commer cial Refrigeration. The Committee welcomes papers on the following suggested topics: • Management • Compliance • Operations • Engineering Authors of accepted abstracts will present their work at the RETA 2024 National Conference, taking place from October 22nd-24th, 2024, in Grapevine, Texas at the Gaylord Texan. In addition to presentation, each topic paper will be published and given to each attendee. Both RETA members and non-members are invited to submit proposals for papers. The deadline to submit an abstract is January 19, 2024 Timely submission of the abstract is critical to the success of the program. All authors will receive electronic notification indicating acceptance or decline of the sub- mitted abstract in February of 2024. The RETA Technical Conference Committee looks forward to receiving abstract proposals in response to the call and is happy to respond to inquiries from interested parties. Submissions and questions may be addressed to Stephanie Date at Stephanie@reta.com . SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT TODAY AT WWW.RETA.COM/2024-CONFER ENCE-ABSTRACT or STEPHANIE@ RETA.COM

Did you know you can get involved and be a part of the team that makes the Confer ence successful? It’s true. The RETA Confer- ence has many volunteer opportunities: • Conference Committee Member • Session Moderator & Scanner • Conference Speaker & Presenter • Event Setup • Registration Support • Onsite Volunteering For more information and to get involved, contact Stephanie Date at stephanie@reta. com or by calling 541-497-2977.

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By now, many of you have attended my Codes & Standards workshop at the RETA National Conference over the last few years, starting in 2021. For those of you that haven’t, I have been asked to put together a series of articles that delve into the topics that I discuss in the workshop. So, with that in mind, I am going to take a break from writing the Epic Fails column for a time while we work our way through codes and standards. Don’t fall asleep though. I may sneak in a few Epic Fails examples just to keep it interesting. As far back as the early 1900’s, catastrophic incidents led to the creation of early building, fire, and mechanical codes. The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code was first published in 1915 after a series of deaths occurred due to boiler explosions or pressure vessel ruptures. Local fire codes were created in the early 1900’s after some cities, such as Chicago and New York, experienced large fires with significant fatalities. Over the years, many building, fire, and various mechanical and electrical codes were developed, initially at a local level and eventually by larger, code writing bodies made up of regula tory officials, manufacturers, and engi CODES & STANDARDS PART ONE OF MANY BY: BILL LAPE, SCS ENGINEERS

neers. Prior to 2000, there were a significant number of these “model” codes that a locality could adopt. In 2000, with the creation of the Interna tional Code Council, or ICC, many of these “model” codes were combined into the International Codes. A “model” code is a set of minimum requirements that may be adopted wholly, or in part, or with amendments by state, county, or local governments. Today, there are two national “model” fire codes, the International Fire Code (IFC) and NFPA1 Fire Code, and two national “model mechanical codes, the International Mechanical Code (IMC) and the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMKC), that AHJs can adopt through government legislation. While the code writing bodies update their codes every three years, governments may not update the adopted editions at the same frequency. For instance, there are several states that still adopt the 2012 codes as of December 2023. Note that the “model” codes are not legally enforceable until adopted by the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). The codes that apply to your ammonia

refrigeration system depend upon when the system was constructed and modified. For instance, if the fire code that was adopted in 2011 when the facility was built was the 2006 IFC, then not only do its requirements apply to your building and your system, but any standards referenced in that adopted code apply as well. In the 2006 IFC, the 1999 edition of IIAR2 is referenced, along with the 2001 edition of ASHRAE15, which also applied to ammonia refrigeration at the time. These are the standards that would also apply to your original construction. Now, let’s say that the system was modified in 2016, at which time the local AHJ had adopted the 2012 IFC. In the 2012 IFC, the 1999 Addendum A edition of IIAR2 is referenced, along with the 2010 edition of ASHRAE15, which also applied to ammonia refrigeration at the time. These are the standards that would also apply to the parts of the system that were modified in 2016. Figure 1 shows the various editions of the “model” fire codes adopted through out the country and Figure 2 shows the various editions of the “model” mechani

10 RETA.com

cal codes adopted. Be aware that while these codes may be adopted statewide, they may also be amended by state legislation, so it is important to identify what provisions may differ. It is also important to recognize if your state does not have a statewide adoption of codes. It is then critically important to reach out to your local building and fire code officials to find out what is adopted at your location. In the next issue, I will discuss the history of the standards that have applied to ammonia refrigeration systems over the

years. Please feel free to email me with questions at NH3isB2L@gmail.com. Bill Lape is Project Director for SCS Engineers. Bill is a Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator, a Certified Refrigeration Service Technician, and is the current Treasurer of the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association.

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12 RETA.com

12 RETA.com


AC&R Specialists Airfoil Impellers Corp.

Guntner US, LLC H.A. Phillips & Company Hansen Technologies Corp

NAVAC Inc. New England Ammonia Safety Nexus Refrigeration, LLC North Star Ice Equipment Corp North Texas Screw Compressor, LLC Parker Hannifin Corporation Phoenix Air Systems Polyguard Products, Inc. Premier Insulation Preston Refrigeration Process & Safety Solutions, LLC PROtect Proviron Inc. QuickFreeze RefPlus Inc. Republic Refrigeration RETA Training Institute (RTI) Risk Management Professionals Inc. Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES) SCS Tracer Environmental / SCS Engineers SGS Refrigeration Brand of SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. Shambaugh & Son, LP Stellar Sterling Industrial Refrigeration, Inc. Summit Lubrication Synergy Refrigeration, Inc. Tanner Industries, Inc. Teikoku USA, Inc. Vacom Technologies Vapor Armour Vilter Manufacturing, LLC Wagner-Meinert, LLC Warrender, Ltd. WEG Wolters Kluwer Enablon

Airgas Specialty Products American Refrigeration Applied Process Cooling Corp (APCCO) APSM - Ammonia Process Safety Management Baltimore Aircoil Company Bassett Mechanical Benshaw Inc. BuildOps CAMCO Lubricants Chem-Aqua, Inc. CIMCO Refrigeration Clauger USA Climate By Design International, Inc. (CD) Cold Core Group Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc Cool Air Inc. Cool Air Mechanical Cornell Pump Company CrossnoKaye CTI Gas Detetion Specialists Cyrus Shank Company Delta Tee International, Inc. Dorin USA DuBois Chemicals/ISEL E2 Mechanical & Industrial Refrigeration EVAPCO, Inc. Farley’s SRP Inc Fisher Refrigeration, Inc. Frascold USA Frick Industrial Refrigeration

HANTEMP Controls Hayward Tyler Inc HCG Associates Hermetic Pumps Inc. Hillphoenix Howden Compressors LLC HT Industrial Ltd. Industrial Consultants, LLC Innovative Refrigeration Systems (IRTC) Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. ISG Inc. Isotherm, Inc Jamison Door Company JAX Refrigeration JS Compliance, LLC Keep Supply Kelly Refrigeration Services Kelvin Group Kolbi Pipe Marker Co. Lanier Technical College LEWA America, Inc. Logic Technologies, Inc. Logix Controls

M&M Carnot MAC RAK Inc.

MAGNA Industrial Refrigeration by Heatcraft Refrigeration Products

Marking Services Inc. Mayekawa USA, Inc McNeil Industrial Mechanic Refrigeration an RSCS Company

Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) Garratt-Callahan Water Treatment Gartner Refrigeration Inc. GEA North America General Refrigeration Company

MIRO Industries, Inc. MSA Bacharach Inc. MTH Pumps Multi-Wing America, Inc.

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The Felix Anderson Award was presented to Chuck Sabel of the Milwaukee Chapter and Russell Hillman of the Old Dominion Chapter for their exemplary contri- bution to the development, growth and strength of their chapters.

The following awards were bestowed at the 2023 RETA National Conference. The awards are named in honor of past RETA members who exemplified a specific strength that benefitted RETA mem bership and our industry through teaching, leadership, or service. A big congratulations and thank you to all of the Award Recipients. The following were honored for their ser- vice to the Associ- ation and the Industry.

In order from left to right: Gene Dumas, Keith Harper, Russell Hillman, Jim Barron

The Outstanding Chapter President Award was presented to Nate Torres of the Central Valley Chapter. Nate has recently moved to the Treasure Valley Chapter. THE OUTSTANDING CHAPTER PRESIDENT AWARD

In order from left to right: Gene Dumas, Jim Barron, Nate Torres


The Guy R. King Award was presented to Justin Michael for his outstanding performance in the education and training of members nationally and locally.

From left to right: Gene Dumas, Keith Harper, Justin Michael, Jim Barron

14 RETA.com


The Venemann Award was presented to Larry Foust for his outstanding efforts in advancing the aims and ideal of the Association and for his contribution to

the education and inspirational betterment of the Association throughout his career.

From left to right: Gene Dumas, Larry Foust, Jim Barron

From left to right: Gene Dumas, Benjamin Clark, Melissa Cassell, Jim Barron

From left to right: Don Tragethon, John Sherrill, Jim Barron



The Glenn W. Smith Award, conferred at the Board’s discretion, was presented to John Sherrill for his lifetime achievement, not only in service to RETA, but also to the refrigeration Industry.

Benjamin Clark was presented the Kim Snowden Award for his dedication in furthering and promoting women within the refrigeration industry.


THE ELLIOTT R. HALLOWELL AWARD was presented to Miguel Bermudez whose record of service to RETA for the current year merits special recognition and reward. THE EARL J. MCMICHAEL AWARD was presented to the Arizona Chapter for the best growth performance of the previous 12 months.

The Best Interactive Booth Design was presented to Keep Supply.

The Best in Show 10 x 10 booth was presented to Preston Refrigeration.

The Best in Show Island was presented to FRICK.

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RETA’s development and growth have been, in large part, due to the support of our coprorate memberships. It is important for us to recognize these corporate memberships on their anniversary milestones. It is with great pride that we announce the receipents of this year’s anniversary awards.


35 Stellar







Parker Hannifin Corporation - R/S Division

Fisher Refrigeration Inc. Hansen Technologies Corp Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc. Nunes Cooling Inc.

Central Storage & Warehouse Company

Sargento Foods Inc.

Farley’s SRP Inc. Perdue Farms - Georgetown, DE

BrucePac Hygieneering Inc. Mayekawa

Advanced Energy Control, Inc. Alliance Industrial Refrigeration Services Inc.

Nation-Wide Refrigeration Inc. Rich Products Corporation - Arlington, TN

Walmart Dist Ctr 6047 Walmart Dist Ctr 6084



Duckwall Fruit E. & J.Gallo Winery - Livingston, CA Empire Kosher Poultry Fresh DelMonte Co. General Mills, Inc. - Murfreesboro, TN Gordon Food Service - Plant City, FL ConAgra Brands- Council Bluffs, IA Cool Refrigeration Systems & Solutions, LLC Crystal Ice Co. Darigold Inc. - Caldwell, ID Dreisbach Enterprises Amy’s Kitchen - Pocatello, ID Bakersfield College Benshaw Inc. Boar’s Head Provisions - New Castle Butterball, LLC - Huntsville, AR Cargill Meat Solutions - California, MO Cargill Meat Solutions - Columbus, NE

Gordon Food Service - Wyoming, MI Hydroserve Technologies Inc. J. R. Simplot Company - Pasco, WA Kelly Refrigeration Services M&M Carnot, Inc. FREZ-n-STOR, Inc. Garratt Callahan Water Treatment Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc. Molson Coors Beverage Company Mundell Mechanical, LLC Cargill Meat Solutions - Dayton, VA Cargill Meat Solutions - Fort Worth, TX CS Beef Packers Danone North America - Dallas, TX

Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Phoenix Air Systems Postler & Jaeckle Corp. Refrigeration & Engineering Service of Florida Republic Refrigeration, Inc.

Safeway Distribution Center - Auburn, WA Stater Bros. Markets Stop & Shop Supermarkets Co. Super Store Industries SupHerb Farms UNFI - Harrisburg Distribution Center Sodus Cold Storage Company Inc. Taylor Farms - Food Service Washington Beef, LLC Wonderful Citrus - Delano, CA Trident Seafoods - Carrollton, GA Tyson Foods, Inc. - Berryville, AR Tyson Foods, Inc. - San Lorenzo, CA United States Cold Storage - Western Region



All Temp Refrigeration Amy’s Kitchen - White City, OR Cargill Meat Solutions - Fort Worth, TX De Wafelbakkers, LLC

North Pacific Seafoods OBI Seafoods - Wood River, AK


RainSweet Inc. Rich Products

Burris Logistics - Lakeland, FL Chobani - Twin Falls, ID

Corporation - Buffalo, NY Shambaugh & Son, L.P.

Lineage Logistics - Mira Loma, CA National Beef Packing Co., LLC North American Refrigeration Company Resource Compliance, Inc. Ste. Michelle Wine Estates



ABM Building Solutions, Acme Smoked Fish - Wilmington, NC Ajinomoto Foods North America - Joplin, MO Albertsons Distribution Center - Irvine, CA Americold Logistics, LLC - Hatfield, PA

First Fruit Farms Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) General Mills, Inc. - Chanhassen, MN

White Castle Distributing

Sterling Industrial Refrigeration Inc.

16 RETA.com
















TEIKOKU USA understands the challenges of being environmental









friendly while improving cash-flow with lower installation costs, reduced downtime, and providing a safe work place.










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40 30

Mark Broomer Dale E. McDonald

Don Tragethon



Ed J. Furtado Michael J. Nau Richard D. Perkins

William E. Phillips Jeffrey B. Rothermel Gustavo Santana

Brian E. Smith Douglas J. Tyger P.E.



John D. Bell Rod Blumenthal Melferd A. Bose Don Chason Bryan G. Clausen Ernie O. DePeralta Sr. David Deroche James Duffy Gary Dunn Curtis T. Edmisten Pascual Espain Jr. David J. Fitts

Alex P. Gooseff P.E. Scott Hawkins Douglas Hedges Stefan Henry Andrew Howard James W. Kent Jay K. Kliewer Robert W. Krenkel C. James Marquette Antonio Medina Robert T. Metsker Aaron Montalbo

Timothy A. Oros David H. Phillips Stewart M. Reisinger Jeffrey A. Rio Fred Ruiz John R. Shahan Kim Snowden Steve Souder Bob St. Jean Doug Sweet David Taylor Richard B. Watters

RETA values the contri- butions, knowledge, and experience of long-term members. In appreciate of this dedication, RETA recognizes members as they reach milestone anniversaries of membership.


Helping you keep it cool for over 30 years!

Our flexible Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) delivers reliable data on your piping and vessels to support MI inspections, maintenance and PSM/RMP. No holes in piping insulation, no radiation risk, no configuration limitations, no pipe too small.

763-205-0828 camcolubricants.com

inspectpipe.com 847-844-8765

Company. Trusted by end users, contractors and consul tants.

Gamma Graphics Services, A

18 RETA.com


Standard in Industrial Refrigeration Training material. During this past Conference, the Education Committee welcomed a few new members to the Team. The newest mem bers include Parker Jenkins, Brian Tiemeir, Carol Walston and Davis Stover. Thank you all, including current and past members, for your talent, hard work and commitment to RETA and the Industry. Several Sub-Teams are currently working on RETA material reviews to ensure the content is not only accurate but also updated based on the latest technological developments. The Sub-Team reviews include; CO2, Energy Efficiency, BE1 and the Compliance Guidelines. The Committee is in discussions regarding future projects as well. These include a revision project regarding Control Theories; develop short presentations to

help members obtain PDH credits that are required to maintain Certification status among other topics. If you have any interest in joining any of teams, please reach out to either Harry Wilkins, RETA Education Coordinator or myself. Best regards,

EDUCATION COMMITTEE Well, the Annual RETA National Conference has come and gone. It seems like every year it goes by way too quick. During the past two Conferences, the Education Committee has been fortunate enough to hold meetings, allowing the members to gather and discuss current opportunities with respect to Education. These meetings have been very successful and will now be a staple at every future RETA Conference. Our organization is very blessed with volunteer talent in the writing and review ing of the Educational material. It takes many long hours by volunteers to coordi nate and execute the tasks associated with developing and maintaining the Gold

Eric Girven CIRO/CRST/RAI RETA Education Chair


JOIN THE #WEARERETA Facebook Group for 24/7 chat and useful information

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Volume LIV The Shade Tree Mechanic

NO LIGHT FOR YOU! So there are times, where we say to ourselves “What would momma want me to do?” You’all notice I didn’t go asking myself what was “right”. I asked me self “what would my sainted momma, lookin down from heaven, want me to do?”. Sometimes they are different questions. So’s let me give you an example. I was on this here air-o-plane the other day. I took me a book about D-Day on the flight. You know a lot of me kin, fought over there. So I read about the “Day” a lot. Uncle Burton lost an arm in the big war and a few years ago we lost him. Uncle Vern died in the Phillopean’s free’in them folks. So readin about it brings back memories of their sacrifice. Anyway, I was readin a little and decided to see what was on the TV. You know they have little TV’s right in the seat. Damedest thing. Anyway I laid’t my book down for a moment to look at the TV and the lady next to me shut my reading light off. Now there wasn’t much worth watchin so I probably would have read the whole flight. But now I gotta problem. You see if I turn the light back on, I’m being a jerk. Obviously my readin’ light was bothering her. But I didn’t want to spend the flight bored as heck either. So what do I do? In her defense she did eventually ask if I wanted the light on. But again I’m stuck, if I say yes, I’m bein a jerk. I had the light on, I had a book. There was no doubt I wanted the light on. So if I says “yes, I want the light on” knowing she wanted it off, I’m a jerk. Momma would pull my “Chivalry card”. So your probably thinkin, “well heck, it’s your reading light. Turn the darn thing back on. That would be the right thing to do”. It would be the legal thing to do. Heck, some

people woulda said, yes turn my light on, or people may try to make the light brighter. Heck some people woulda turned her light back on too. But here is the important part. My momma wouldn’t. My momma woulda sit there with the light off forever. Momma would have thought about the lady that shut it off. Momma would have assumed she had a light sensitivity. Or she was havin a bad day. Or she just wasn’t raised proper. Momma would not have turned the light back on. By the way. Momma would not have shut someone else’s light off either. Momma had a tendency to let the little things go. Avoid small confrontations. Momma raised me to be the same way. Little slights that may annoy her or situations where she could prove she was right, or just, with the end goal to make herself feel superior or vindicated, just wasn’t her style. I try very hard, to avoid having it be my style either. Now don’t go getting the wrong idea. Momma could roll out some whoopa*s when she thought it was justified. She would turn into a wolverine when someone else was wronged. One time I gotta a whippin from her that still hurts, a story for another time. My point is that this happens. It seems to happen at work a lot. Someone will start a kerfuffle, just to prove they are right, or to prove someone else wrong. Or make someone feel bad. Is it really that important? Most of the time it’s not. Hold it, that’s not correct. Dam near all of the time, it’s not that important. All ya gotta do, is stop and think a second. What is your motivation. Does it matter? Will it hurt your relationship later? Is your moti-

vation just to win? Ask what momma would do. Ole, George Washington had a bur up his saddle about things like this. He was against the two political party system, because he believed it would create a system where beating the other party became more important than the issues being debated. “They beat us last time, so we’re gonna do what we gotta do to win this time”. That’s a bad road to go down. Hey, at work no one’s keepin score but you. I will guarantee that the coworkers around you aren’t keepin score. But they are watching you. If you act like a jerk, even when you’re right, they will wonder when you’ll do it to them. So please keep that in mind the next time you think you gotta win. So what did I do about the light lady? I sit in the d*m dark until they turned off the “fasten seatbelt” sign. Then I got out my laptop and started writtin this article. To be honest, maybe I was hopin that she was readin it over my shoulder. Sorry momma, I’ll keep trying. The shade tree grows outside of the little town of Broughton, Ohio. Where everyone is always welcome, the beer is always cold, and something is always needin fixin.

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TITANIUM Dorin USA General Refrigeration Company NTSC - North Texas Screw Compres sor, LLC

Kuhlman Inc. Lanier Technical College Logix Process Heating and Cooling Risk Management Professionals Inc. Shambaugh & Son, LP Teikoku USA, Inc. Wolters Kluwer Enablon GOLD AC & R Specialists American Refrigeration Chem-Aqua, Inc Cool Air Inc. Cyrus Shank Company Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration Delta Tee International, Inc. First Call Refrigeration

Gamma Graphics Services (GGS) Gartner Refrigeration Inc. Heatcraft Refrigeration Products LLC Ice Cold Consulting Keep Supply Logic Technologies, Inc. Mayekawa, Inc. MSA Bacharach Inc. Polyguard Products, Inc. SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. SILVER CTI - Calibration Technologies, Inc. Climate By Design International, Inc. (CDI) Colmac Coil Mfg Inc Cool Air Inc. Howden Compressors LLC

Mac Rak Inc. McNeil Industrial Proviron Inc. San Joaquin Valley RETA Chapter Warrender, Ltd. WEG Electric Corp. BRONZE Climate By Design International, Inc. Hygieneering Inc. Lanier Technical College Macha PSM, LLC MIRO Industries, Inc. Northwest Arkansas Chapter QuickFreeze

PLATINUM Airgas Specialty Products CAMCO Lubricants CMP Corp. Colmac Coil Mfg Inc

EVAPCO, Inc. Frascold USA Guntner US, LLC Howden Compressors LLC Industrial Refrigeration Service Inc ISEL, Inc. Isotherm, Inc

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Five years have gone by since your last 5 Year Independent Mechanical Integrity Audit and it’s time to obtain competitive quotes to get this work done. Put yourself in the shoes of an installing contractor or consultant receiving this call or email for just a moment. As the end user the request might seem straight forward, but as an installing contractor or consultant it is far from straight forward and often leads them to ask “what are they really asking for or what is the entire scope of work?” Does the customer understand what they are asking for or are they simply trying to stay in com- pliance by having “something” done? I’ll try to explain both sides to help bridge the gaps. When obtaining competitive quotes, it is important to have a defined scope of work to help make things as close to “apples to apples” as possible. In the world of end users, the common method for contractor selection is very often the result of lowest bid. And due to cost constraints, that is accompanied by the least amount of work or scope necessary to be compliant. But, what should a 5 Year Independent M.I. look

like? The fall back in this era is often “just do the B-109’s.” IIAR Bulletin 109 and Bulletin 110 are now obsolete and have been replaced by IIAR Standard 6 which should by now have rendered Bulletin 109 and 110 obsolete in your RAGAGEP (Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices) certification letter of your PSM program also obsolete unless you’re not keeping up with the times. Most consultants and installing contractors, if not all by now, have created their own forms also known as ITPMR’s (Inspection, Testing, and Preventative Maintenance Report) for each piece of equipment based on IIAR Standard 6. So, the first question as an end user we have to stipulate is which inspection process will be used, or if you are creating your own or expecting the installing contractor or consultant to create their own. Please keep this in mind as we keep the frame of mind that PSM is a performance based standard and the way the 5 Year M.I. is done is part of that performance basis. Defining which process for inspection and testing you’re

expecting to be performed is the first step in your request for quote. So now that’s out of the way we move onto how the installing contractor or consultant will be basing their labor rate. Better said, “how in-depth do you expect us to go?”We typically answer that by defining what we would call “grouping”. Using IIAR Bulletin 114 (component and pipe labeling) as an example you have a few different choices: • Call out every single location that a component or pipe label is missing which becomes labor intensive both from an inspection and a documenting perspective. Or; • Call out component or pipe labeling based upon piece of equipment. Example, a compressor and its associ ated piping. This greatly simplifies labeling per piece of equipment. • Generalize labeling. This would be a generic recommendation that says something along the lines of “the refrigeration system appears to have

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some component and pipe labeling opportunities and should consider properly installing component and pipe labeling as per IIAR Bulletin 114.” There are pro’s and con’s to each of these. The first one is almost always accompanied by a higher cost due to the labor hours associated with the inspection and documenting process. And, from an outside agency inspection process can lead to potential citations if every label deficiency called out is not addressed. The second is probably the easiest to manage as it is more generic and fairly easy to assign to operators to correct during their normal internal inspection or maintenance processes. The third is the cheapest option in terms of the 5-year M.I. perspective, but what often happens is a refrigeration manager or maintenance manager orders what they believe is the correct number and type of labels and generically assigns an operator to go label the equipment and piping. The draw back here is when this happens without an understanding of IIAR Bulletin 114, an outside agency inspects and cites the end user with labeling deficiencies per Bulletin 114. As a result, the end user contacts the company who performed the 5 Year M.I. upset they were cited for component and pipe labeling blaming the company who issued the recommendation as not sufficiently addressing the deficiency. This happens more than anyone might hear about. Now that that’s covered, how do you intend to test your engine room safeties? To test high level shutdowns, emergency stops, etc., the plant will likely have to have a down day or the functional testing performed on non-production hours such as weekends or holidays. It’s important that the safety circuit perform as designed. So, it’s important that the company perform ing the testing have an understanding of

the safety circuits. When testing the HLCO, is tripping the switch of the float with a rod to engage the switch sufficient? Or do you intend to flood the column for functional testing? Will you functionally test the ammonia detection during this audit such that it sends a signal to things like the plant wide fire system for evacuation? Detailing how your safety systems are to be tested is also important to the company performing this audit. How about Non-Destructive Testing? Will the company performing the 5 Year M.I. also be performing any necessary NDT? Or will that be a separate quote based upon visual inspection recommendations? What does your Mechanical Integrity program state in terms of how and when to perform NDT? Do you want your report to be digital, hard copy, or both? Is it to include pictures? Do you have all of your Process Safety Information compiled and is it accurate? If the company performing the audit has to gather your PSI for you, that’s another cost added to the bottom line. As you can see from above, simply calling or emailing a company asking for a 5 Year M.I. is sort of an open-ended question. And quite frankly a mistake I made early in my career which led me to thinking some contractors were so much more expensive than others. The other factor here is there are some companies who perform these that often have an internal policy as to the minimum they will perform for their own liability protection. Done properly, the quotes you get back will be more represen tative of an apples for apples comparison and make contractor selection less about lowest bid and more about quality of the end product. Vic

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CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST RAI. Donald Trimble passed his RAI exam at our National Conference in Jacksonville, FL.

Don becomes RETA’s 28th RAI (RETA AUTHORIZED INSTRUCTOR) RETA Authorized Instructor (RAI) is designed to assess the mastery of advanced refrigeration system concepts and operations at a level that qualifies a candidate to assist prospective CARO, CIRO, CRES, and CRST candidates with their prepara tions and activities required to earn RETA credentials. RAI candidates must demonstrate both teaching experience and knowledge of the content in all RETA publications that are designed to prepare operators

and others to meet RETA certification requirements. All RAI candidates must submit the required documentation as stated in the RAI policy and handbook to apply to become an RAI. All applica tions and documents must be approved by our Certification Committee before a candidate is able to take the exam. For more information on how to apply for this prestigious certification please contact certification@reta. com today

Refrigeration Mechanical Engineer

Mullally Brothers, Inc., located in Troy, NY, has been providing industrial refrigeration design, construction and service to customers throughout the Northeast since 1945. We are a locally owned company, currently seeking an Industrial Refrigeration Mechanical Engineer to work with our existing and new cold storage, food and beverage

manufacturing and other industrial ammonia and Freon customers. This is an excellent opportunity for a rewarding career with opportunity for growth. Visit www.mullallybros.com to learn more about our company.

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Gaps in insulation jacketing due to uneven expansion & contraction not repaired before moisture barrier damage

Deteriorated mastic coating at the end of insulation

TRAINING COURSE OFFERED Does your company or school offer courses using RETA material? If yes, you can be added to the “Training Courses Offered” section on our website! Please contact RETA with your school/company name, address, and website link. We can also post your schedule! Please note that only courses using RETA material will be listed. Check out the page today! reta.com/page/courses



BETTER PROTECTION BEGINS WITH CONNECTION With the new Pop-Eye™ Insight wired PRV from Hansen Technologies, enable immediate communication and automate equipment control through your PLC when an over pressure event occurs.

Order and learn more at keepsupply.com/insight

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As a non-profit association, RETA is governed by a board elected by its members. RETA was pleased to announce the 2023/2024 Officers and Board of Directors at the Annual Business Meeting, held at the National Conference in Reno, Nevada. RETA board members serve a 3-year term and volunteer their time and energy to directly impact our community and association. The 12-member board and 5-member executive

committee aim for both diversity of perspective and depth of expertise. There is a strength with our staggered terms and the Board is always changing. RETA Executive Director, Jim Barron congratulates and welcomes all new members to the board. We thank our outgoing members and welcome new members, as well as extend a heartfelt thanks to Directors past, present, and future for their contributions and dedication to RETA’s mission.

Chairman of the Board Bengie Branham of SCS Tracer Environmental

Executive Vice President David Gulcynski of Dot Foods, Inc

National President Michael Hawkins of Midatlantic Refrigeration, LLC

Treasurer Bill Lape of SCS Tracer Environmental

Second Vice President Ray Urban, Jr of Lineage Logistics


Dale Clinton of Stellar

Ron Fetterley of Super Store Industries

Brandon Jones of Tyson Foods

Mike Missall of Summit Refrigeration Group


Melissa Cassell of General Refrigeration

Victor Dearman of Peco Foods, Inc.

Arlie Farley of Farley’s SRP Inc

Jim Kovarik of Gamma Graphics Service

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