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All questions on RETA certification examinations include one BEST answer and three incorrect answers based on the judgement of the Certification Committee (CertComm), whose members average over 18 years of industrial refrigeration experience. Incorrect answers seem plausible (or correct) to candidates who do not fully understand a question, do not read the question and all the answers carefully, or make common errors in using information about refrigeration system operations in system screens and refer ences. RETA protects the validity and security of each test by scrambling the order of candidates to evaluate what is occurring in a refrigeration system based on tempera tures, pressures, and other details at various points in a system. These questions are too complex to memorize or remember on a later test. These steps also result in a unique answer key on each RETA exam for every candidate. Seven candidates failed their first attempt in Jacksonville, then passed on a later attempt after receiving a performance review. They included three CARO, three CIRO and one CRST candidate. Eight of nine repeat attempts resulted in improve ments of from three to nine points in their total score. The table shows results for a CIRO candi date who scored below 70% in seven of eight content areas in June with a total score of 52%. He improved to a total score of 66% in Jacksonville on November 14, but still scored below 70% on five of eight content areas. He passed CIRO on Novem ber 17 in Jacksonville with a total score of 77% and scores over 70% in seven of eight content areas. answers to each question for every candidate. Many questions require

He passed on November 17 by improving his answers to questions based on operating system screens from CIRO References that appear onscreen next to questions. Candidates must find informa tion relevant to the question, use formulas and PT tables for the refrigerant, and select among possible solutions to resolve possible operating system threats to health, safety, and energy efficiency. These skills are critical for system operators and essential to earn the CIRO credential. This candidate went from scores in the 30s to 50s in June to 73% to 84% in these topics on November 17. All RETA exams challenge candidates to demonstrate that they can identify safety hazards and potential problems in system operations. RETA examinations are designed to protect the health and safety of oper- ators, technicians, other employees and the public in or near any industrial refrigeration facility. Saving lives and preventing injuries requires in-depth understanding of the risks of working with hazardous materials such as refrigerants, especially ammonia. These are all designed to help meet RETA’s mission “To enhance the professional development of industrial refrigeration operating and technical engineers.”

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